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Our Services


Investment Management

  • We provide private account services to individuals and families who are building or have built the assets required for a comfortable retirement and have accumulated sufficient investment funds to warrant private account management.
  • We also manage assets for foundations and profit-sharing plans.
  • We systematically implement our value driven investment philosophy with our client focused investment process to create a portfolio that meets your unique needs.
Our Philosophy 
  • Build portfolios with individual stock and bond securities.
  • We use securities that allow for daily liquidity and maximum transparency. 
  • We seek securities that offer good value in the long-term and are in position to outperform other investments over the next twelve months and beyond.
  • Strong on fundamental analysis.  We sometimes use technical analysis before making final decisions.
  • Our fundamental approach often leads to companies with a revenue base that may mitigate the effect of economic cycles.
  • We do not attempt to invest in the latest “hot stock”.
  • We attempt to invest in stocks with solid long-term prospects and reduced price volatility.
Our Process
  • Our investment process begins with knowing our client.  We take great care and effort to understand the tolerance for risk of each client we serve. 
  • Next, we create an asset allocation model designed to meet long-term objectives. This asset allocation is how we want assets to be distributed among asset classes under normal market conditions. 
  • We then select stock and bond securities based on our fundamental analysis to create what we believe is the ideal portfolio given the information we have available.
  • Finally, we believe ongoing communication with our clients and monitoring of markets and objectives helps build durable client relationships.




  • Provide investment brokerage service to some managed accounts and to certain other clients where full management services are not required.
  • Execute mostly stock, mutual fund, and exchange-traded fund transactions.
  • Create long-term investment strategies in an attempt to create future investment management accounts.


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