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Conley Investment Counsel, Inc., formed in 1986, creates individually managed investment portfolios for individuals, families, foundations, and not-for-profit entities. Each portfolio is separately managed so we may allocate assets among various asset classes and select individual securities to meet your unique needs. We do this in an effort to adjust the portfolio risk up or down, increase income if needed, take advantage of market swings, or periodically shift income from one tax year to another. We recognize your needs are not the same as your neighbor and your investments should be treated accordingly.

This approach does not work universally. Smaller investors are probably better suited in mutual fund investments where the broader diversified portfolio can help reduce the risk of individual securities. Our approach is more suited to those larger accounts that can be more adequately diversified and that would benefit from an individually managed investment portfolio.

We are delighted to serve those who have entrusted their investment portfolios to our care. If you are not a client at this time, we would be pleased to explore the possibilities with you. 

If you would like to get in touch with our team, click the Contact Us tab and we will be in touch immediately.


John H Conley, CFA

President and CEO


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